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Status: Not Alive

Our previous web server is not resting, nor pining for the fjords; it is dead, stone dead, deceased, demised, passed on, no more, ceased to be, expired and gone to meet its maker, a stiff, bereft of life, rests in peace, pushing up the daisies, metabolic processes are history, off the twig, kicked the bucket, shuffled off its mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the choir invisible.  It did not "voom" when we put four million volts through it.

It is an EX-SERVER.

Beautiful plumage, though.

Please excuse us while we equip and train another parrot.

ERROR 33218: No time left for marketing after developing games.

We have the technology.
We can make this better than it was.
Better... Stronger... Faster.

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